Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Saw these in my walk the other night and had to come back for a small sketch


A quick sketch before bed

At the car wash

Watching people dry and clean the cars while mine is getting and interior clean

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The long drive home

Sketched and painted during the 12 ride home from NC. 

Waiting for my breakfast

Sketched while waiting for my egg sandwich. Painted while eating

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New York Museum of Transportation

Met my good friend Andy for sketching at the NYMT. The place was amazing. So many things to sketch and a majority of them indoors. So excited for another winter venue. So much so that I am now a member :)
But since it was such a beautiful day we sketched outside. There's still enough for at least 3 trips of outdoor sketching. 

I'm sure you see more of that place soon.

A day of music. May 9

Dale Talent Show

Sketching before this year's show starts. So many talented young kids. 

Jose Miguel Ruiz April 30

Sketching at a talk given by Jose Miguel Ruiz

Highland Park

Catching the magnolias while they are still here

Going home April 26

Sketches from the air train and standing at the Jamaica station

The Metropolitan Opera House

My grandmother took me to my first opera and decided that the best place to experience this would be at the MET in NYC. She was right. A beautiful opera and even better day we got to have together 

Traveling to LI April 23

Pears April 23/24

Saturday, May 2, 2015


In early April we went to the Bahamas for my best friends wedding.
It was a great trip in so many ways. We got to see two wonderful people get married, spend 5 days in the sun and near water that i have never seen so blue/ green before. (It was like being dropped in a calendar) Spend almost a week hanging out with my best friend who lives 6 hours away, eat as much as we wanted,  take a much needed break from the freezing cold weather back home AND i had a plethora of time to sketch. The topping was that i got to share all of that with my DW. 

the left side of the spread below are sketches from Goodfellow Farms on Nassau. Travel delays and re-routeing left us on the island with no hotel or car. With luck and the generosity of a new acquaintance we had a wonderful day/ evening. We are of so very grateful to the Goodfellow Family. If your ever on the island of Nassau check out their Cafe and  country store.

Waiting and sketching friends

I realized that while I am still practicing drawn big people I have become comfortable enough to sketch some of my friends and even sharing the results. It feels so good not to try and sneak my sketches in witihout being noticed. 
Plus Scott even looks like does in person :) 

Apples and

Trying trying to sketch people playing basketball from TV.

Traveling home and a video shoot

For my DW's first music video. We hope it will release at the end of May.

Friday, April 24, 2015

On the road again... March 24

That making of non dairy chocolate mousse

Keeping up with sketching everyday, I tiredly sketch my wife making non fair chocolate mousse. 
I think I prefer good ole chocolate pudding.