Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I wasn't sure about posting this but I am, to tell you about the singer I went to see the other night. I was drawing partially under the table (i was in front) and as you can see her hand came out all sorts of crazy. Back the singer, her name is Teagan Ward and she is awesome.
It was an acoustic show (which I LOVE). She sounds a bit like Patty Griffin (so I am told), old Jewel(less twangy). I guess I cant put a great person on it. I just saw that you can check her out on itunes. She also writes all of her music. Well, I guess that's it for the plug.

Waiting in the airport...

doesn't it always feel like your waiting aorund in airports lately?? this is what my view was while waiting for another delayed flight.

Burger and rings

I feel like i have been stagnant for WAY too long. It's seems as though i've been busy everyday for the past three weeks. So here's some catch up posting. Oh, I even ran out of time to finish the burger. :)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Lunch sketch

This looks scrtachy here. not so much in my sketch book. Maybe I'll have to try and scan again when I have more time.