Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Water for Sudan benefit

I drew this last Friday night while waiting for the benefit show to start. This Other Life (thisotherlife.us )and Left on Red (http://www.leftonredmusic.com/) played at a church to raise money for the Water for Sudan organization. They are a local not for profit who's "mission is simple: drill borehole wells which bring safe drinking water to the people in South Sudan's remote villages, transforming lives in the process. " check out their website for more info http://www.waterforsudan.org/mission/

It was such a good night. Awesome music, great company, sketching and doing for others. Need i saw more...

found sketches from Portugal

I found these small sketches from Portugal in the pocket of my sketchbook. A few times i went out wiht just a small bag which i put some folded paper in. You know a girl cannot leave the house (or hotel) without paper and a pen. :) So here they are. One from dinner out, one from a lunch stop at a wonderful cafe in Sintra and the last done during a Fado dinner show.
It's crazy how looking at a sketch can transport you back to a moment so quickly.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Waiting for dinner

Over the weekend I had dinner with friend and family. Luckily ( I never thought I would say luckily about this) there was an hour wait. So we got to sit outside by the water, have good conversations AND i got to sketch. Which was followed by a good dinner and ice cream.

Does it get any better?????

So here was the sketch. Not sure I am done with it but I figured I'd post in case I can't get back to it.

Drawn with Noodlers Flex pen and Noodlers Polar Brown Ink

South Wedge Market results

We had a sketchcrawl at the South Wedge Farmers Market on the 4th. It was the second of 2 events coordinated with the market.

We had a great time drawing, chatting with the passers and recruiting people to join our band of merry sketchers.

These things are so great. I love that we can get the creative word out there. One by one I think we can get everyone out there sketching and truly seeing the world around us. At least that's what I hope. :)

The highlight of the night for me was meeting the newest sketchcrawl member... see the sketch below. :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

II International Urban Sketching Symposium- Lisbon

I cannot begin to describe what a fantastic experience i had at the Urban Sketching Symposium in Lisbon. I had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people from all over the globe. All of us sharing the same passion for capturing the world around us.

I got to see so many different styles of sketching, learn new techniques not only from the workshops but from the artists around me.

One of my favorite things was being able to see other peoples sketch books. Throughout the workshops and lectures and down time people swap sketchbooks. The amount of inspiration i got from that is immeasurable.

Well, as you can tell i loved everything about it and I haven't even talked about how beautiful the city was.

So, here are my sketches from the first few workshops. There is a following post with the remaining workshops sketches as well as the one i worked on during the 32nd World Wide SketchCrawl.

II International Urban Sketching Symposium- Lisbon

These are the skecthes from ths last two workshops and the 32nd World Wide Sketchcrawl which coincided with the last day of the symposium.
It was so amazing to have nearly 300 people all drawing in the same place.