Monday, October 18, 2010


I stopped to sketch on the way to Meg's show tonight. The trees in the darkness caught my eye. I added the color when i got home that night.

Still using the new Hero M86


Looking out the window in the morning while waiting for the coffee to finish perking....

Playing with the new pen again and with the red onion that's now starts to sprout.

Below is a random little sketch while I was waiting. As I wrote I LOVE the Quin Gold. The scan does not do it justice at all!!

08 October 2010- There's no place like Gnome...

We've got this gnome in the den. He just hangs out in the corner and was begging to be drawn. I didn't have all the lights on which is why he has a stump for on arm. I didn't know you could actually see his hand.
Oh, also tested out my new Hero M86 pen on this and the next bunch of sketches. The more i use it the more i like it. you get such a variety of line widths from one pen. This is what the pen looks like.

03 October 2010 at the First Unitarian Church