Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Food, food ,food Feb 18,2015

Two WC sketches from today's food

I've kept up my sketching streak but can't post from the last two days. It's a surprise for a friend. 

In the kitchen Feb 15,2015

A page of moments Feb 11-15,2015

Feb 9/10, 2015

Just keeping the hand moving

Coffee sketches Feb 8,2015

Home again

Plugging away Feb 4/5 2015

Trying to sketch everyday means they are not all done when I am entirely awake. But I've been able to keep my streak alive.

Feb 2/3 2015

A small sketch of the dog and then dinner in Virginia while away for work.

Super bowl Betty. Feb 2 2015

A quick sketch of Betty while watching the super bowl.

Lamberton conservatory: Feb 1 2015

Andy and i did a B&W challenge and the conservatory. It's a different way to see. Check his stuff out at