Wednesday, November 20, 2013

first sketches in new book

Here are the first four spreads in my new book. These were done on the Canson Bristol paper. I really like the weight of the paper and it seems to handle a wash well, though i have done anything too wet.
I am finding a tiny amount of bleeding with my pen which doesn't happen on the 90lb Canson Foundation Series WC paper but i am not giving up on it yet :)

Did a few more sketches last night ( not post worthy ) and the next paper up is the Mi-Teintes paper (brown tone).
Hoping to have time tonight or tomorrow to sketch on that.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Newest Sketchbook

Here it is...

My newest sketchbook. Made using Canson Bristol and Mi-Teintes paper (grey and brown tones).

I have been playing around with a new test/ note strip on the bottom of the sketchbook. This is my second prototype. You may have seen the last one in the photos of my last few posts. I really liked having the strip, but not how it was secured and the quantity of paper. I used about half as much as i thought i would. So cut the quantity and came up with a new way to affix to the book.  We'll see how this one goes. I still have about 4 sheets to go in the current book.

The books overall dimensions are 7" x 4.875". The paper is 5.75" x 9" for a two page spread and test strip is 1" x 4.5".

I haven't use any of this papr in a book yet so i will post feedback as soon as i start sketching.