Sunday, January 25, 2009

Catch up...

These are the last few days of sketches

The sketch above is from the all day conference i was in on Friday. Some of the items were things i saw in the presentation, others from what was around the room.

I went to this great cafe, bar, eatery called Lovin' Cup ( )on Friday night to see Teagan and the Tweeds. The Katie Wright Band opened for Teagan and was great. These are a few sketches from the show (above)

The bottom is from this afternoon. Rach and I went to an awesome lecture by Creighton Michael at the museum. It was so interesting and inspiring. Makes you think about what making a mark is or could be.

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suzanne cabrera said...

What a great collection of seems we've been spending our time doing the same things here lately. Lovely compositions!