Thursday, October 29, 2009

A great night

Last Saturday was the exhibition party for a new exhibit at the local gallery. Part of the event was a drawing party...(set up by a very good friend who works for the gallery and is a fellow sketchcrawler So there were pencils, makers and things to draw. People waandered in and out while a live salsa band played in the next room. It was great!! What is better than music, drawing and friends?!?!?

Here are a few sketches from the night....oh the Hello sticker... I was introduced to someone and they asked how i knew Rachel...after a short description I mentioned that we meant via sketchcrawl, the woman exclaimed "OH you're sketchcrawl". Hense the name tag :)


seesue said...

So enjoyed my visit to your delightful site.

Alex said...

Nice post ^^ great journalism

Rachael Baldanza said...

Hey I had so much fun too! I just wish Icoulda drawn more and talked less but we have to do a sketchcrawl again for sure! Love what you drew!