Wednesday, April 28, 2010

pinapple and the new pen

My GF went antiquin with her mother last week and bought me a great old shaeffer fountain pen... it happen to have a cartridge in it still and i was able to find replacements for it. Being so excited about a new pen i decide i am going to draw with it. It writes well has a great line and nice weight (all this for only 2 bucks) now...the only thing is that the ink as you can see is not water proof. So the parts of the pinapple i did get to sketch (had to cut it up before i could finish) obviouslt bled and ran. I do not mind i but had i done the whole thing it would have been a mess. Now all i have to do is find a converter so i can fill it with some noodlers.


Catriona said...

I actually really like the bleed, adds alot of texture. Really lovely watercolour there.

Unknown said...

I'm loving the bleed too!