Thursday, July 19, 2012

USK Symposium Santo Domingo 1

What a fantastic symposium. Orling, Gabi, Jason and Elizabeth dad an amazing job. THANK YOU for all of your hard work. Being surrounded by so much energy and passion for sketching is incredible. I am already excited about the possibility of going again next year.  I have taken new techniques and ways of seeing not only from the workshops but also from the other participants ans their work.

These are sketches from my journey to SDQ and from the first workshop. More to follow

Nina's Challenge through limitation workshop. I love the idea of limitng my palette to two or three colors and trying to figure out how to render an environment.  I also had the opportunity to try out the multi colored pencil i had been searching for. ( they had them for sale and a small table at CCE and i was able to grab 1 of the last 2 left. some work with that should follow in time )

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