Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Playing around with different tools :)

i have a bunch of unscanned items in my book. I feel i am working through some style / technique things right now.

learning new techniques at the symposium was awesome, but now i seem to be struggling to find my way.

plus, my watercolors feel flat. so i am looking for a good book to get the basic techniques down. (any suggestions out there?)

also, I'm trying to find balance. I love the details in architecture, nature and most things. but at what point do i feel as if i am drafting? I have the new want to not only capture what i see but capture the feeling the essence of where i am. So, i have given myself permission to use my sketchbook as workbook of sorts. To worry less about making the book itself be a finished piece and let myself explore.

So, stayed tuned...

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Amber Sausen said...

So great to hear I'm not the only one struggling to integrate new techniques into my evolving personal sketching style! I look forward to hearing and seeing how you're working through this.
Hope you're well,