Friday, September 20, 2013

Canson Testing

While at the symposium this year I ran into Giulia the Canson Rep (we met the year before in the Dominican) after talking a bit about the paper I bind in my sketchbooks, Giulia offered to send me a few samples to test.

Never in my wildest, did I imagine what would arrive. 7 different types of paper. Toned and white!!!
Obviously I could not wait to start testing. I had about 20 minutes or so last night and began.
First with the Bristol, Mixed Media and Illustration. The Bristol surfaces are different on each side (the two in the middle). I’m curious how the different surfaces will take watercolor.

So with all this paper stay tuned…much more testing to come. :)

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anopensketchbook said...

!!!!!! Eeeek!!!! How exciting! Christmas came early, didn't it?!?