Tuesday, March 4, 2014

a few new sketches

I am / have been between books recently. I bound a book of 140lb cp and did not like using it for sketching with my fountain pens. So with some extra paper i had i bound a small booklet of sorts, finished that and then started using the landscape moleskine i was given at the Lisbon symposium.
I am not fond of the format. I like a porttrait or square format better.

a few weeks ago i order some Stillman and Birn delta series look sheets, just got the call that they are now in!!! So off to the store and hoping to get something bound in the next day or so. 

I thought for a minute that i may stay in the Moley but i know once i get a new book done it's hard to stay away :)

so, here are a few sketch from the Moley...
i was working on quick portraits for JKPP , sketching during a meeting then airport waiting and flying. 

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