Saturday, May 2, 2015


In early April we went to the Bahamas for my best friends wedding.
It was a great trip in so many ways. We got to see two wonderful people get married, spend 5 days in the sun and near water that i have never seen so blue/ green before. (It was like being dropped in a calendar) Spend almost a week hanging out with my best friend who lives 6 hours away, eat as much as we wanted,  take a much needed break from the freezing cold weather back home AND i had a plethora of time to sketch. The topping was that i got to share all of that with my DW. 

the left side of the spread below are sketches from Goodfellow Farms on Nassau. Travel delays and re-routeing left us on the island with no hotel or car. With luck and the generosity of a new acquaintance we had a wonderful day/ evening. We are of so very grateful to the Goodfellow Family. If your ever on the island of Nassau check out their Cafe and  country store.

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