Thursday, July 19, 2012

USK Symposium Santo Domingo 2

The second day started with the Improvising with Lines and Color workshop run by Orling Dominguez and Inma Serrano. OMG this workshop was amazing! It has been the best one i have taken including the workshops from Lisbon. It was just the thing i was looking for to add more life into my work. They have given me a new way to see the world. Permission to improvise on what is out there and try compose a sketch that capture not only the structure or people but the essence of a place.

So after that workshop, i was able to take a workshop with the incredibly talented Veronica Lawlor, whose work is even more impressive in person ( i just found out she has a ten day workshop coming up at Disney. Maybe next year :) ) She and Jonathon too, gave a me a different way to see. To slow down and observe the world before we jump right into the sketch. Sit and let the story unfold around you. you know when its the right time to sketch. 

thanks to all of the instructors! 

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Anonymous said...

I love the sketches, hope to see you again at the next symposium or at Disney!