Monday, January 27, 2014

Book # 21

I just started my new sketchbook. This one made with Arches 140lb cold press paper that I bought from a garage sale.

This might take some adjustment. My thought was to use "good paper" in the hopes of getting better results with my watercolors. "Good" is a relative term. I am sure there are a lot of peopke who would love to have this book with the "good" paper.  Since i LOVE to sketch with my fountain pens, my good paper for me would be less textured.

I recently ordered sheets of Stillman & Birn Delta series ivory WC paper. It is 180lb and cold press but has (at least from the sample) a lot less texture.

So we'll see when that comes in if I will continue using this book for my everyday book and modify my approach until it is complete. Or if I use it for WC lessons I am going to be taking and bind up a new one.

Here are the first few pages from the weekend as well as a cropped photo of the book.

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