Friday, January 24, 2014

I unintentionally sketched things to scale

The last few days i decided to sketch everyday objects that were in my arms reach. It is really cold out (2 degrees) so i am staying indoors till the weather breaks.

The other night, itching to sketch i grabbed the brass tacks my mother in-law gave me for my birthday and sketched away. The next day at work again needing to sketch again i decided to sketch my fountain pens.  Placed them on the desk and drew away. 

Late in the day i showed a co-worker and had the thought that they might be close in size to the actual pens. So when i get home i opened the book tossed the pens down and ha!!!! all but the one i knew was wonky was nearly the exact size. 
That made me run and grab the tacks and check those and again..... i drew them almost to scale
 I thought is was kind of crazy and was super excited. So much so i had trouble concentrating on last nights sketch. But coworker said it made perfect sense since i design and draft objects, building etc. for a living. I was thinking that letting my hand follow my eye and not do what my brain says might be a reason also/

So there's my random tale about sketching to scale. Sketches and photo comparisons below. :)


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