Thursday, September 4, 2014

2014 Urban Sketching symposium in Paraty Brazil

This year I attended the 5th International Urban Sketching Symposium in Paraty Brazil. It was another fantastic symposium  (a HUGE thanks to all those who planned and organized the event, you did an amazing job), set in a wonderful historic town on the water between Rio and Sao Paulo. I really enjoyed this years location and felt the size of Paraty kept all of us closer together.  Walking down the street you would undoubtedly find a symposium participant eating, having coffee and sketching. It reminded much of the symposium in Santo Domingo.
I've come home reenergized and inspired by both the workshops I attended and by the work of all the people I met and reconnected with. It is am amazing experience to look through someone's sketchbook in person. To feel the life they have poured into it. 
 I have had the opportunity to meet wonderful people and am again amazed at the connections made. So many people from different countries, cultures, lifestyles, some who might not speak the same language, yet we are all brought together with the same passion.
Even as I write about it I feel that these words don't come close to the feeling I get from this experience. One person described it as a family reunion and I think that might be the best analogy I have heard. Each year it feel like coming home and seeing my family once again.
It was such a pleasure to meet all of you and I look forward to keeping in contact and hopefully seeing you at the "family reunion"
Below are the sketches from the beginning of my journey. 
waiting in the airport/ on the plane

 on the bus to Paraty from Sao Paulo

 on the bus and waiting in line at registration

sketch from the first sketch crawl on registration night          

and a few photos of Paraty...

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Unknown said...

It was so great seeing you again! I love these reunions. They make me feel part of a big international family :)