Friday, September 5, 2014

Bounding Boxes: Space and People as Characters - 2014 USK Symposium

I took William Cordero's workshop Bounding Boxes: Space and people as characters. First I have to say holy crap, Williams' work is even more outstanding in person. I love the way his choice of line and sketches tell the story of a space. I'm still bummed that I didn't win the silent auction for his sketch :) HIs was a great workshop and like the other has given me a new way to look at how I sketch a scene. Check out his work here:


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Nathalia Sá Cavalcante said...

Hi, Genine!!!! Love meet you in Paraty!!! So nice see your blog and your amazing drawings! I'm glad to see the photos… We can remind the wonderful time we have in Paraty. William workshop was fantastic, isn't it? Miss yours conversations! Today me and Karina met Béliza Mandes (from Luxembourg) USK. It was so cool! My e-mail:
See you! Nathalia